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Mace of Disruption Zine

$ 20.00

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By Matthew Bajda

Soft Cover: 64 pages

Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"

A Perspective on American Safety was a show that aimed to challenge the media-fed fear plaguing the American citizenry. The exhibit displayed statement pieces of spiked baseball bats accompanied by photographs from the artist’s travels. Matthew Bajda is a Bay Area artist whose work acts like a participant in the world around him. His photographs document small moments. His show statement piece,s Spiked Baseball Bats, are six recreations of forty-four bats originally chained to poles and placed around San Francisco to confront the viewer and challenge the viewer’s expectations. What at first may be seen as a threatening weapon has its power taken away by its chain. This zine is a compilation of Matthew's work building up to the show.