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About Us


Studio Majick Color is the combined creative forces of artists Tim Diet & Ray Robinson 3. A multi-functional shop & design studio, Majick Color focuses on creating and retailing vibrant lifestyle goods, creative supplies and home wares. After years of designing products for an eclectic mix of clients, it was only natural that a personal reflection of their own interests would manifest. With both artists being heavily influenced by street style, classic modern design & pop art, their bold blend of graphic-heavy work is an eye opening mashup of cultures.


"We started Studio Majick Color in 2014 at first just offering freelance creative services. Both of us are long time artists and decided to officially team up after casually working on a string of design projects together. The name Majick Color, our play on a faux pigments brand of sorts, spawned from our mutual love of vintage markers and paint companies. Cool ideas for products that fit the name came to mind so often that we decided to launch the label and open the door to our own retail shop in late 2015. We focus on carrying a curated mix of design-led goods that compliment everyday life, some our own and others by outside brands that inspire us. We feel that everyone appreciates art in some form or another. With that said, we have a little something for everyone."

- Ray




"'Wait, what kind of store is this?'

Funny question. Many customers often compare us to a museum gift shop though. To be exact we carry...

art, books, zines, magazines, art supplies, desk supplies, stationery, housewares, apothecary, clothing, accessories, collectibles, and many things in between."

- Tim





Studio Majick Color

2209 MacArthur Blvd.

Oakland CA 94002, USA

Open Tuesday - Saturday 11-7pm






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